Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Life For Me :)

hey all.. Its been a long time i never update my blog..first of all i want to say sorry because to busy and now i already have time for update my real life diary :) I'm glad that i still alive and still have a real good life. For example my family,my friends and now my girlfriend. Thanks to god because sent her for me and she very helpful plus so nice to me :P only god know what i feel now :) i rather die if i lose her. For now she is the most important people in my life and she make my life crazier :P really appreciate that sayang. She known as yeoung, kambing and sayang but i don't know how i always jealous when she keep going with other guys or my friends. maybe this is call love and faith that i should go through. i don't care what will happen and what will coming in front of me because i already prepared to go through with her whenever sad or happy. For me she is my heartbeat when shes gone then my heartbeat will stop, what we can say is she is everything for me, she can be star for me to make a wish, she can be moon to bright my path in my life, but i rather she be my wife so we can take each other no matter what happen in our life. But then now i have to wait for her but that doesn't matter for me as long she love me and i always trust her. i only want she know how much i love her and how deep i miss her even she always beside me. i just want to see her smiley everyday to made my day, i want hold her hand to support me in my life, i want kiss her to make me smile till my last breath. One word that i want to shout is "Sayang will you marry, I will take of you till my last breath". Hehe so i think that all for now and i will be back with new story bout my life. and thanks for your support guys. Really appreciate that and see ya later :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why do the innocent suffer while others are looking for a problem?

hye :)

today i posting about innocent people..many innocent people on earth, among which are the main victims of war who are being actively apply.

there are still people willing to help them all? until when they have to live in destitute and suffer? want to wait for all the people realize first? until have no place to stay, no food to eat, no clothes to wear and want to realize all of that?

people have no feelings to the people who is not innocent of this? they lost their families, there are wounded, including children who are still died from the war but no one to take care of them if not us who else they want to help? even unable to help in terms of financial or affection, but we can help with our prayers for those accompanied to a safe place and to their courage to face fear moments.

This is all because of what? war that claimed the lives of many people..many have lost their families, but some people care? no one to care about them..even increase mortality by warfare that involves a lot of soldiers..These examples of soldiers ready for war..

This is US Army..

China is also full of military equipment technology..

This part is Japanese Army..

but they did not realize when they fought they were damaging the environment where they live..

but there are still people who were sympathetic and even prayer can help with different religions and races. pray according to their own ways and their own gods, but with the same intent to protect the innocent. although not related or do not know each other, but each person will feel sympathy for the innocent people difficulties and living in the homeless, food and no clothes to wear.

Muslims pray to the ALLAH SWT.

Indian pray to their gods and goddesses

Chinese pray to their gods and goddesses

Christian pray to their Jesus

This all proves that there are people who care about but is not many because all soft view with this kind of thing. they did not care because they considered that the people who suffer is not part of their family. people should not think so because every people is created for mutual assistance to each other even though others did not know each other..

when people all help one another each other then the world will be peace and no more persecution of innocent people. and then we'll see a smile from every people in this world.

that all for me rite now..later i wrote the new one..

truly angel.
k bye2 :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do not give up until we succeed!

hye all..

I apologized for not online lately..because broadband had technical problems that can not be avoided..My apologize again okayh..

By the way i got new story that i wanted to tell u all..i got this inspiration to wrote this story from my surrounded life..

we did not realize the world is not easy. there are people who live in hardship, and some are living in comfort..not easy for us to get the good life and so easy for us to get a hard life..but those who already live do not know how to appreciate what they have even wasted their lives..but those who live in hardship continue to improve their lives in many ways..people with disabilities the higher the way they work they have to use anything to accomplish their dreams..had to withstand a variety of curses and bad opinions of people who see them..they try to continue their lives, although not taken seriously by the public..but when people with disabilities are working with an open heart and dedicated them to achieve whatever their goals..people with disabilities do not do everything, but they have their own hidden talents that we would not even think of them.

I will show to the public in which persons with disabilities are not easily broken but there are upgrade their skills with the talent they have..they are always strong and the spirit of prayer and accompanied by their own to cope with their lives..many people said that people with disabilities will not be successful and give up easily..but from my point of view people with disabilities are more courageous to try and deal with obstacles that they may have..

KUNMING, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 2: (CHINA OUT) Disabled ten-year-old girl Qian Hongyan warms up before swimming during a training session at the South of the Clouds Swimming Club on September 2, 2007 in Kunming of Yunnan Province, China. Handicapped Qian, known as the "Basketball girl", joined the club on August 6 to learn to swim and dreams of competing during the London 2012 Special Olympics. She lost both of her legs in a traffic accident in 2000 at the age of three, but struggled to live her life with a basketball as her underpinning.

This is a person with disability who are trying to brighten up the crowd with their performances were different talents..some say that people with disabilities, the better the dance and entertainment..

and that is what those with disabilities that contribute energy and did the country proud in the field of sports ..

The last person with disabilities who never gave up hope for their life together ..

so appreciate them and support them if you all seen people with disabilities who need passion and drive for them .. and help them with a sincere heart, with sincere words and soft voice .. Ease their burden with the help of our sincere love that show .. abundance of them that they have the spirit to survive.

that all from me rite now..soon i will update the latest one..sorry if late update coz kinda bz with my class..

truly angel..

thanx all

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life That We Didn't Realize Before..


yesterday I went to the floating mosque at Kuala Ibai,Kuala Terengganu..

I just walking to take a long breath n looking for serenity :)

the same time i'm looking for life around me..

and when i look at those people than my heart asking..

"they do not have problems in life? how come? or they hide with their smiles and laughter?"..

then my heart still in wondering..

"when they gather with their families this way can solve these problems. This is the way they can to reduce their burden?"

until i see this couple..

than i heard that they are sharing the problems they have confronted and problems that hinder their work in their workplace and ask each other an opinion to solve the problems.

after that i look to another place then i see this family..

I started to say hello to that uncle and i asked him where he came from? After he answer me the question then I asked him why he came to this place?

That uncle replied. He came here to spend time and share everything with his family's and wanna find peace in a quiet place that outside from urban areas..

then I see something that attracted me. A person who holds a lot of balloons and always smile. then I went to that man and inquired about the area and what his job..

after some conversation than the customer coming and I can see how sincere the man selling balloons on people who come to buy his balloons and he did not take advantage of other people..

when I want to go back to my car. I suddenly attracted to a man who worked as a carrier horses to take tourists for a walk. the man worked not for riches but for the happiness of others. he prefers to see people happy and he likes to make other people entertained. he is full of good manners and gentle speech with others.

than i walk to my car then i see one family near my car that have a chat with their family..they sharing their story,smile,laugh together and eat together..while watching them suddenly i noticed that every single word they chat the same time they solve their problem bit by lil bit..

then i look around me everybody still show their smile n some kids show their happiness..

than before im going back i see one stall that handle by one women..many customers visit her stall..than she say I had to do all this for a living for my children..I just single mothers

than i buy some fruit to make her happy than i going back to my grandmother house :)

today i see life that we cant realize in our daily life..happiness that we share together in our life..and ways to mitigate the problem and the burden..

thanx all truly angel..

will write down the new one :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Why Must I Have A Blog??


So many people ask me the same question..

Okayh now i tell everybody properly..

I do have a blog b'cos i want to share bout life around me..

life that will show and describe about happiness, sadness, madness, poverty, chaos, communalism and life with family and also without family..

This is picture about life with family..

but this one poor kids coz don't have any family..
u don't care rite??but i care..

and this one show life is colourful without communalism..

And this poor country that still got communalism..

i just want to show other people that in this world not only happiness but still got people who need our help to live comfort like us..

life that we share everything..

happiness with smile n laugh together

life that sad n cry together..

Life that live like family and help each other even we don't know each other..

All of it..

And i won't stop posting all these till everybody know what meaning of life,faith and destiny..

that all the reasen why i have blog..

i just need to say thanx to all my friends coz support me from behind..

and sometime give me some picture that i can use :)

thanx all truly angel..

will write new post soon..