Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Life For Me :)

hey all.. Its been a long time i never update my blog..first of all i want to say sorry because to busy and now i already have time for update my real life diary :) I'm glad that i still alive and still have a real good life. For example my family,my friends and now my girlfriend. Thanks to god because sent her for me and she very helpful plus so nice to me :P only god know what i feel now :) i rather die if i lose her. For now she is the most important people in my life and she make my life crazier :P really appreciate that sayang. She known as yeoung, kambing and sayang but i don't know how i always jealous when she keep going with other guys or my friends. maybe this is call love and faith that i should go through. i don't care what will happen and what will coming in front of me because i already prepared to go through with her whenever sad or happy. For me she is my heartbeat when shes gone then my heartbeat will stop, what we can say is she is everything for me, she can be star for me to make a wish, she can be moon to bright my path in my life, but i rather she be my wife so we can take each other no matter what happen in our life. But then now i have to wait for her but that doesn't matter for me as long she love me and i always trust her. i only want she know how much i love her and how deep i miss her even she always beside me. i just want to see her smiley everyday to made my day, i want hold her hand to support me in my life, i want kiss her to make me smile till my last breath. One word that i want to shout is "Sayang will you marry, I will take of you till my last breath". Hehe so i think that all for now and i will be back with new story bout my life. and thanks for your support guys. Really appreciate that and see ya later :)

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